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Ignite your metabolism

Introducing Mitoshape by Illicit Labs (formally known as Mitosculpt) – a revolutionary, stimulant-free metabolic formula meticulously crafted with cutting-edge ingredients to support your weight loss journey. At the heart of Mitoshape are two key ingredients: Mitoburn® and InnoSlim®, both included at their respective clinical dosage.


Mitoburn, a patented form of L-BAIBA, has gained popularity for its remarkable ability to regulate metabolism and increase energy expenditure. Previously, achieving elevated BAIBA levels required intense exercise, but with MitoBurn, this metabolic fire can now be ignited without breaking a sweat.


The second star ingredient, InnoSlim, comprises a stimulant-free blend of NLF-05 Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus. Together, they work wonders to support blood sugar and lipid metabolism through the adiponectin and AMPK signaling pathway.

Potent Support Ingredients

Furthermore, Mitoshape's formula is enriched with additional potent ingredients, such as Caralluma Fimbriata, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Coleus forskohlii, Gymnema sylvestre, Fucoxanthin, and ForsLean® (a trademarked material derived from Coleus forskohlii).

Mitoshape represents a compelling solution to the weight loss challenge, incorporating the latest advancements in weight management ingredients that have captivated health-conscious consumers. In a market overflowing with products centered around stimulant based ingredients, Mitoshape sets itself apart by providing a refreshing alternative for those seeking a gentler approach. However, customers who wish to combine Mitoshape with a stimulant-based product can do so to amplify the benefits of their weight management journey.

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